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Livestreaming with good audio quality with the Zoom Livetrak L-12

In a previous post I discussed how I try to have good audio quality for my livestream with OBS, by linking up a mixing desk I use for all live performances with a studio audio interface that I use for live streaming. So the idea is that when I know how to mix my live performance I can also livestream that mix with good audio quality. OBS supports high quality audio with an ASIO plugin, so all is great.

The mixing desk I use for live shows and streaming is the Zoom LiveTrak L-12. Lately I started using a separate laptop to do the livestreaming, not hooked up to the studio. For a livestream I would switch over the interface cable to the laptop. Only a few days ago I realized that the L-12 itself is an audio interface and I slapped my forehead.

Sure enough, when installing the L-12 driver software and starting up OBS with the ASIO plugin, I could find the Zoom device. After assigning the master output channels to the OBS inputs it worked immediately. So now the setup is way simpler. The livestreaming laptop is hooked up directly to the mixing desk. The master mix now is hooked up directly to OBS.

Livestreaming setup simplified the L-12 connects to the streaming laptop

Now I asked myself, can I use the same trick to hook the L-12 directly to an iPad or iPhone to do livestreaming on Instagram, or other phone based streaming platforms? The L-12 can connect as a class compliant interface, so its no problem to hook it up to iOS devices. Software like Garageband will find its way in the Zoom inputs and outputs. You have to set a switch for this on the back next to the USB port.

Zoom LiveTrak L-12 Backside USB connector and switches

However, the master outputs are not output channels 1 and 2, so iOS devices cannot pick it up as the default audio input. So no easy live streaming on the iPad or iPhone directly from the L-12 unfortunately. For this you will need to hook up another class compliant interface that picks up the mix desk outputs and does output the master mix on channels 1 and 2.

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5 thoughts on “Livestreaming with good audio quality with the Zoom Livetrak L-12”

  1. Thanks for the article. Thats such a bummer that the l12 cant livestream over channels 1 and 2 directly to a device without using obs studio.
    Im wondering if this issue has been fixed with a firmware update?
    Because id much prefer the l12 over the l8 due to the extra eq flexibility, but having the main outs come out of channels 1 and 2 is such a gamechanger for simple easy livestreaming, that its hard to give up on. i read the l8 streams to channels 1 and 2, which is perfect.

    1. The L12 has a Class Compliant Mode switch. You could try that to have the device stream over channels 1 and 2 directly. I have not tried it. I use a separate Zoom U-24 device to have the audio Class Compliant. Please let me know if you tried it and if it works for you.

  2. Sent to ZOOM contact support March 2022. :-

    RE: L20R , Its pretty dum that they did not test this iphone ipad setup . i.e it does not work , and does not make sense in any event . I have to buy another 2 channel interface over this £800 interface to make streaming to tiktok work at all. I want good sound quality , now it has to go analog to digital , then back to analog , then back to digital . its pretty stupid of zoom techs to have allowed this to be issue . esp if L8 works as intended ? Basically zoom needs a config page added to settings on the Zoom L12 , L20 , L20R , LCD menu to point outputs how you want them used . Same is true on Mac os as it is the same issue for OBS use , its using input 1+2 rather than the master outputs as defaults . we need to use Loopback software £80 extra as there is no asio work around – I switched to Windows for the audio stream on PC , but as a Tiktok user is left high and dry without using two interfaces. With 1billion toktok users in 2022 , Zoom must be pretty crazy to make simple settings in the config for L20R etc , DUKE ravedump.com

    Please help, make your product work for Mac os and iOS Default to Master outputs , not input 1 +2 , please make it correctly work and be selectable in menu settings.
    Also Track names from iPad app remote are not saved with audio recordings L20R, why?

    Also , tracks cant be set to save interleaved files for stereo pairs. This is allot of work todo after every recording is made using L20R joining and renaming files. WHY!!!

    Please fix this problems. Zoom Products are normally better.

    1. Actually I am quite surprised that it will not work with the iPad, even with the Class Compliant switch on. I see articles that say it should work, but I haven’t tried myself.

      Indeed I just have to remember which channel is which if I want to go back to stereo channels with the recorded files. I accept it because otherwise it is the most affordable live mixer/recorder for me.

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